SA.BOR: Services

Design and installations

Sa.Bor provides consultancy for the best solution.

At its own establishment, Sa.Bor is equipped for the construction of special facilities and to execute modifications on machinery, in response to customised and specific requirements.

Thanks to its own skills, Sa.Bor is able to offer the design and construction of automations and robot , supported by the supply of new or used machinery.

Review and maintenance

Maintenance, overhaul and retrofitting.

Plan maintenance operations for your machines with Sa.Bor to avoid surprises or interrupting the production cycle.

Through our company TeamService we are able to supply the following services:

  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic overhaul
  • Numerical control machinery retrofitting
  • Spindles and electric spindles overhauls
  • Heads overhaul
  • Adjusting machinery to current legislation


Emergency machine tools assistance.

Sa.Bor offers lengthy experience in the field of assistance for traditional and numerical control machine tools: trust Sa.Bor for repairs and installations and commissioning new and used machinery.

Also offers a handy ordinary maintenance service which you can program, and which is undertaken on the customer’s premises.

TeamService provides full-range assistance for your numerical control machine tools.

TeamService is the division created by emergency assistance, to always guarantee maximum efficiency of your production cycle.

The company has at its disposal a staff of highly professional and greatly experienced mechanics, able to intervene promptly and effectively for assistance and installation of numerical control CNC machine tools.

Staff training

Training courses for CNC machinery programming.

TeamService offers training and programming CNC machinery programming to train your operational staff.

The courses cover the main controls on the market: FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, SELCA, FAGOR, and are held in the multimedia room at company headquarters.

Programming and simulation software are used with a video projector; the notions learnt are then consolidated with real processing tests on CNC machinery.