SA.BOR: The Company

Our Company has been in the wholesale trade of machine tools since 1989.

The Company quickley achievement renow in its field and, as time passed, it strengthened itself because of the validity of the product it put on the market, and of its appreciated technical and commercial organization.

Our stock, about 3000 mq, is good furnished with new and used machines.

The Company Sa.Bor adds its capability in analysing the Customers’ problems, to its great commercial boost, in order, to offer them the technologically best know product over the World, already in presale.

The range of services Sa.Bor guarantees its customers also includes a prompt and qualified technical assistance handled by Teamservice.

Teamservice, with a staff of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers of a high professional level and boasting a great deal of experience, is at the Customers’ disposal resulting in assured after-sale-service. Teamservice is a real stronghold because each Customer can rest assured that he will receive a prompt and very high level service thanks to the technical expertise of its staff.