Product description:

The Objet260 Connex3 lets you incorporate dozens of colors into one prototype, from true jet black to sunny yellow to shocking magenta and hundreds of beautiful blended hues.

The same triple-jetting technology that makes three-color mixing possible vastly expands your range of material combinations and properties.

Combining two or three materials in specific concentrations and microstructures, you can produce a range of Digital Materials with varying translucency, rigidity, thermal resistance or color. You can even produce functionally graded materials.

Models material
Building materialsVeroClear, Famiglia Tango, FullCure RGD720, famiglia Vero, DurusWhite, Endur, High Temperature
Digital materialsMore than 100 digital materials included Digital ABS. For version 3 there are available a wide range of Digital colors.
Support material
Support StructuresFullCure 705 non-toxic gel-like photopolymer support
Prototype size255 × 252 × 200 mm
Machine size (width x heigh tx depth)870 × 735 × 1200 mm
X axis resolution600 dpi
Y axis resolution600 dpi
Z axis resolution1600 dpi
Tray260 × 260 × 200 mm
Material cartridges8 cartridges ,each of 3.6kg